Revolutionary product for any trade show vendor. These cases increased our visability by at least 20%, and that doesn’t include the customers that see the cases from across the room and have to walk over to see what it’s all about. Worth every penny and more, the value here is second to none. We paid for the cases with extra sales in the first 2 shows we used them.

Bjorn Bergstrom

I saw these cases all over a show recently, and all I have to say is WOW. This is the most innovative product to hit the market in recent years. Every table I saw using these cases, had crowds around them and money changing hands. Great work and thanks for helping to get rid of those old stodgy jewelry and coin cases of the past.

Rob Oberth

Been using these for almost a year. Great cases that really draw people in. Thanks Chris!

Chris Dempsey

Times change, and showcases have changed for the better!!

Michael Musich